Fundraisers by Chapter B

Georgia Ensemble Theater Program is our annual Fundraiser project. They have five plays a season and we have sold tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday night dress rehearsals since they began more than 25 years ago. Tickets are $15 each per person, but we sell the set of five for a reduced price, so one play is free. At the start of the season you will sign up and pay for the tickets, so the chapter can know how many we will need to order from the Theater Box Office. The chapter will announce when the tickets are available and they can be picked up at our monthly meetings. During the Theater Season the Chapter gives a donation to the Theater!


Our other fundraiser is the annual indoor yard sale held after our July monthly meeting. It usually concludes around 12:00 pm. Members pay $5 and non-members pay $15 to reserve a table to sale motorcycle related items. All sales are between the owner of the items and the person buying. All profits will be kept by the person selling the items.

Charities by Chapter B

Our main charitable ride and donations is the Ride for Kids Brain Tumor Foundation. Last year, Joe Kruse received a jacket from the Foundation because he had attended every ride since the rides began in 1984! Our other charitable events are the Ride for Healthier Babies (March of Dimes), & Georgia Ensemble Theatre. At Christmas time, we have gone Caroling at the Nursing Homes, made blankets for wheel chairs patients at Nursing Homes, collected toys for the YWCA Cobb County Battered Woman’s Shelter, donated to the Calvary Children Homes and decorated & filled shoe boxes with personal items for the Trinka Davis Veteran’s Home.