In 1977, GWRRA (Goldwing Road Riders Association) was established and also started a Rider Education Program for Riders and Co-Riders dealing with motorcycle safety. The first meeting of Chapter B was held May 11, 1985 at the Denny’s Restaurant at 9:00 AM in Marietta, Georgia. There were 30 Charter members in attendance In July 1987, Pete Woodruff (Chapter B charter member) became National Rider Educational Director and began presenting motorcycle safety seminars. The classes consisted of Safe Rider Programs, High Miles Programs, Rider Courses, Level I, II, and III, “Co-Rider,” “ Touring & Braking,” and “Trailering.” In the Education Program we also have CPR, First Aid, MSF-RSS, and Road Captain courses. In 1989 another level was added, Level IV-Master Tour Rider, the highest level of accomplishment. Joe Kruse still remains the only Charter member active today and is a Master Rider IV. Currently Chapter B has several members with Master Rider IV. In 1995 Trike classes were soon added. Currently Chapter B has two safety coordinator and one other that previously served as ride educator for another chapter. Additionally, one of our safety coordinators was an instructor for the MSF (motorcycle safety foundation).


In 1992 we started our partnership with Georgia Ensemble Theatre (Thanks to Tom Stark). We sell tickets to their dress rehearsal for our fund raiser and then donated money back to the Theatre. We also have 50 / 50 raffle at the meeting and door prizes to enhance our budget.


In 1996 Chapter B with the help of Joe Kruse, established our Coffee Break at Resaca, Georgia and we continued to participate until 2009. The Coffee Break at the rest area was for the safety of bikers traveling to Daytona, Florida for Bike Week.


Safety is very important part of our riding, so we want to make sure that our bikes are in tip top shape to drive. Every spring the Chapter holds maintenance workday to give members an opportunity (especially new members) to learn and do oil changes, battery checks, tire checks, electrical system, lights or any other general maintenance.


Our News-letters were first handed out at the meetings, then they were sent out by snail mail. Along came computers (if you had one) it was then sent by E-mail. But if not, you could pick one up at the meeting. Now you go to the website to read the activities and events or receive E-mail about upcoming events.


Our Chapter Colors, Shirts first were RED, then some members had Green shirts. White golf shirts with a bee on the sleeve took over next, but soon we had white golf shirts with artwork on the back. We then went to long or short sleeve denim shirts with the Bee logo and your name. So you will often see different shirts at gatherings. Currently you can still order the denim shirt in long or short sleeve along with our newest lighter weight polyester tan shirt with Bee logo on the left and your name on the right. Also we have a matching tan cap with the logo on it. Our first vest: (some say there is only one official) was Tan, made of pollen material. However the material was hard to find so we changed to Black made of denim or leather. Red nylon jackets with the insignia on the back and black baseball caps were also added to our colors. Art work: on patches, logos, names on shirts, vests and jackets have changed in one way or another and Rocker panels have been replaced by embroidery.


Couple of the year: We have had several COY’s, and two of those have received the award twice. One couple went to STATE. This award is giving to the couple for their outstanding achievements that they have done for the Chapter.


Officers: Chapter Director Terms are 2 to 3 years and all our Chapter Director were male until 2014. Our current director has been serving since August 1, 2015. Chapter B is lucky enough to have two co-assistant directors.


Rides: Short, long, or over nighters. We always had to ride to eat so we included a special ride called Dinner Rides to our list. Some members refer to us and the Goldwing Restaurant raiders Association. Other rides are impromptu, rides to State Rallies, Wing Flings, Chapter visitation, Polar Bear Rides, planed after meeting rides and Ice Cream Rides. Oh yes, we have at least one or two Ice Cream social during the month. We also planned long rides up to 30 days to head to Wing Ding, wherever it is held. We did not go on an official Chapter B ride unless the group turned around at least once or went a different route to avoid the U-TURN. Now this is where the Bumbling BEE award came into existence. Some one makes a mistake on a ride or at an event and members rats on them at the next meeting so they may be honored with this award. All in fun.


Our Mascot is a Bee, but sometimes MS Queen Bee comes alive!!!


Membership: They come and go, some move away and still stay in touch, some have gone before us. May they rest in peace! We have and had so many members (Which we can’t begin to name) that have taken time out of their busy schedules to volunteer to help in many aspects to make Chapter B successful… So Thank you for making Chapter B FUN AND FAMILY!!!


Couple of the Year


Pete and Debra
2019 Couple of the Year











Jim Julius  2019 Individual of the Year

2018 Ken and Ruthann

2017 Dennis and Lou

2016 Judith and Julio on a Stick

2015 Paul and Geraldine